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Current Page >> Products >> Wire and cable testing series>>  DX8349 wires bunched combustion testing machine
DX8349 wires bunched combustion testing machine
DX8349 wires bunched combustion testing machine

DX8349 wires bunched combustion testing machine

Bunched cable combustion testing machine is my company very mature products, made of stainless steel, machine consists of the following parts: test box, air source, ladders, emission purification system,ignition source, the implementation of the standard GB/T18380.31-2008, IEC60332-3-10-2000 "cable and optical cables under fire conditions in experiment thirty-first parts: vertical installation bunchedcables vertical flame spread test report test device" can meet the GB/T18380.32-2008/IEC60332-3-21:2000 "cables and optical cablesunder fire conditions in experiment thirty-second parts: verticallymounted bunched wires and cables vertical flame spread test A F/R",GB/T18380.33-2008/IEC60332-3-22:2000 "cables and optical cablesunder fire conditions in experiment thirty-third parts: vertical installationinto beam wire & cable vertical flame spread test class A","GB/T18380.35-2008/ IEC60332-3-24:2000 cables and optical cablesunder fire conditions in experiment thirty-fifth parts: vertically mounted bunched wires and cables vertical flame spread test class C",GB/T18380.36-2008/IEC60332-3-25:2000 "cables and optical cablesunder fire conditions in experiment thirty-sixth parts: vertical installationBunched cables flame spread test class D "

1, the experimental device

1.1 test cases: experimental device is a wide (1000 ± 100) mm,(2000 ± 100) deep and high mm (4000 ± 100) mm - box. Test box wall and both sides should adopt the heat transfer coefficient of about 0.7W? M-2? K-1 thermal insulation, 1.5mm thick USU304 steel plate, insulation mineral fiber intermediate coating thickness of 65mm isUSU304, 1.5mm thick stainless steel plate

The 1.2 air source:

1.2.1 inlet air velocity of wind speed with digital display meter, gasflow of air is (5000 ± 500) L/min.

1.2.2 after completion of test: if the stop for the fire an hour samplewas still burning, alarm and the rain to stop burning


1.3 ladder type: wide (500 ± 5) mm standard ladder width (800 ± 10)mm wide type steel material for the USU304 stainless steel

1.4 emission purification device:

The upper 1.4.1 test box is provided with a digital anemometer to ensure the wind velocity is less than 8M/S, will not affect the air flowtest.

Collection and dust washing device 1.4.2 smoke: the use of SUS304 stainless steel, diameter of 800mm and height of 3500mm.

2, ignition source

2.1 types: ignition source should include one or two with propane gas blowtorch and supporting type flowmeter and Venturi mixer. The firesurface shall be drilled with 242 diameter of flat metal plate 1.32mmaperture, the hole center distance is 3.2mm, three row staggered arrangement, each row are respectively 81, 80 and 81, distribution in the nominal size of 257 × 4.5mm range. In addition, in the plate on both sides of the open a row of holes, the guide hole can keep thestable burning of flame. Each burner shall be provided with accuratedevice to control the propane and air flow rate. The rotor flow meteror mass flowmeter

2.2 ignition source position lamp should be placed horizontally, from the cable sample surface (75 ± 5) mm, range test at the bottom of the box (600 ± 5) mm, and the axis of symmetry and ladders. Burner for fire points should be located between the two rails steel center, and from the lower end of at least 500mm

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